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Our Mission

At the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, our mission is to provide the necessary education for the upbringing of individuals who can assume leadership roles, have foresight, be innovative, creative and capable of adapting to changes in their professional environment. The main aim of our Faculty is to provide the global economy with the necessary human resources and skilled personnel who will be capable of fulfilling the requirements of our era  which are largely shaped by information technologies, innovation and globalization — and who will graduate as qualified business professionals with the ability to follow the latest developments, to think analytically and objectively, and to go beyond the contemporary standards of our age.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Faculty which can use all capabilities provided by the latest available information and technologies; can give its students up-to-date theoretical information — as well as the opportunity to apply them — through its interdisciplinary academic structure; will be among the leading institutions of scientific research in its field; will be both domestically and internationally recognized for its excellence; will be capable of following the innovations in the world; and will continuously focus on developing itself and improving its standards.