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Dean's Message

Prof. Bekir Tevfik AKGÜN
Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences


The dynamics of today's business world are experiencing rapid change and transformation on a global scale with digitalization. We have been witnessing the dizzying speed of these developments in the business ecosystem recently. In the process of adaptation of all levels of our country to this change and transformation, as the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, we closely monitor the integration of topics such as new business models, innovation, information technologies, digitalization and supply chain into sectoral activities, and we continue to renew our programs and expand our course range accordingly. We support our program contents not only on a theoretical basis, but also with practical sectoral collaborations, internships and laboratory trainings that include modular systems.

While developing our Faculty with programs and competent staff that will shape the future of education, we are working hard to ensure that our students will become individuals who are equipped to meet the needs of the world, the Turkish economy and the digital world after graduation.