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Our Mission

The mission of the Management Information Systems Department is to educate manager candidates who are competent in the application of contemporary information technologies, who know the innovations inside out (such as electronic trading, supply chains, decision support systems, specialization systems, etc.), who are qualified and multi-dimensional. The Department provides its students with an inter-disciplinary education in information technologies and management. It is aimed to raise people who are to be employed in information technologies, system analysis, design and applications, as well as people who have a career plan in related fields.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a Department that raises highly educated appliers who have a vast and high-level of experience and knowledge in management and computer technologies in order to develop the software that will respond to the needs arising from the innovations in computer technology, as well as people who are able to adapt the current software to the industry and its needs. The main aim of the Bachelor’s Degree Program in MIS is to educate leading specialists who will develop the most appropriate information systems after analyzing the necessities of a corporation in accordance with its strategic goals, lead the change if necessary, as well as establishing a bridge between the management and IT personnel.