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Career Opportunities

Management Information Systems Department graduates are able to find jobs in many fields within the information industry. Thanks to the education and the various qualities received, they are able to apply for and work in various positions. Graduates can work in industries such as software, telecommunications, banking, insurance, e-trading and accounting; and in job positions such as system expert, web design expert, system administrator, software developer, database administrator, project manager, application developer, security expert, business analyst, business intelligence expert, coordinator and consultant. In this regard, graduates of the Management Information Systems Department are employed by large corporations, institutions and public offices.

The qualities of Management Information Systems Department graduates include capabilities such as following the information technologies closely, creating strategies by interpreting them, accurately managing and using the time and sources of companies, predicting the potential problems and providing solutions, enabling the communication between the managers and IT staff of the company and having visionary ideas in the field of business administration. In accordance with these qualities and knowledge, Management Information System Experts are responsible for developing the correct strategies in the process of making a profit, as well as making the right decisions.

Today, we can observe that information technologies are developing rapidly. Specifically in the United States, the job openings are constantly increasing for this field. The projection of the U.S. Labor Department for information technologies employment was 1.5 million people in the period between 2006–2016. Various corporations in the information technologies industry constantly increase their search for web designers, project managers, business analysts, software consultants and application developers.

56% of Yeditepe University Management Information Systems Department's 2015–2016 graduates have started working in various positions and industries immediately after they finished their studies.

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