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Asst. Prof. Engin KANDIRAN
Head of Software Development Department


The aim of this program is to educate versatile software development professionals who  are able to:

  • master modern IT applications
  • follow the innovations in computer science,
  • trained in management issues,
  • have a vision
  • integrate themselves with the national and international sector,
  • speak foreign language,
  • take part in software development projects,
  • have knowledge of data mining and data science fields, internet programming and
  • be well equipped about network programming issues.

In which positions and sectors can graduates of Software Development Department find jobs?

They can find jobs nearly all the sectors of the current world.

Some of the favourite sectors that look for Software Development graduates are: Banking Sector, Software Industry, Telecommunications, Engineering Firms etc.

Some of the positions that Software Development graduates can be employed are: Web Design and Development Specialist, System Specialist, System Administrator, Database Administrator, Security Specialist, Strategic Management, Data Science Specialist, Electronic Business Management, Enterprise Resource Systems management, Expert Systems and many more...

Internship Opportunities

Our students have the opportunity to come together with our stakeholders in the curriculum by having two compulsory summer internships (30 days each), in the 2nd and 3rd year in our curriculum, and have the opportunity to establish warm relations with the sector while they are still students.

Technological Infrastructure of The Department

The courses of our department will be given in the 5 existing computer laboratories and plus 1 laboratory containing 40 new computers.

For the managerial deparments to benefit from the rapid development of the technological equipment in the most effective way, the software products operated on these hardware should be adapted to these developments as soon as possible. For this purpose, in order to develop new software products, there is a need for software developers who have basic business knowledge and who can follow innovations in computer science and who have extensive and high level knowledge in this field.

In addition, when Turkey to the specific conditions in the market and commonly used commercial software are taken into account, it is clear that theres is  need for program developers which can be adapted to the expectations of the sector. Fillling this gap by staff members who are not sufficiently aware of the subject, know only computer and system technology,lack of experience in practical programming and sufficient interdisciplinary academic background, wastes time and resources.

The academic program of this department reflects the characteristics of traditional computer engineering programs, but it also supports with the basic module of business administration. Academic curriculum of  our department aims to educate students with intense practical knowledge, and who can adapt  adapt to industry or business needs based on the existing software used by the company and the sector, and can meet the world needs particularly the European Union and Turkey, can develop high quality programs, system design, development systems, communication channels and be able to solve problems encountered in terms of satisfaction final consumer.

You can find a part of the academic training that we offer to software developers, who are sought after in many sectors within the framework of the transformations that took place in Industry 4.0 and later. Code the Future: Our software development demo lesson Lecturer. Listen to our member Dr. Engin Kandiran.

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