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Yeditepe University and Arizona State University started a collaboration under the course ATH 313 - Airline Management II.

Within the scope of the ATH 313 course collaboration by the Tourism and Hotel Management Department at Yeditepe University's Faculty of Commerce and the newly opened Aviation Department at the School of Applied Sciences, 14 students from Yeditepe University and 17 students from Arizona State University took the "AirlineOnline Simulation Training" together in teams of 2 and 4 members. During the training sessions which they received in a competitive environment via an online platform, student teams from the two universities learned the functions of the key elements of an airline such as "sales, marketing, distribution, operation, finance and human resources" through trial and error in the virtual environment.

Students, who had the opportunity to experience 3 years of airline management simulation in a 6-week training, also found the opportunity to establish an important network while developing abilities to make decisions and to take, manage and analyze risks.

Within the scope of the ATH 313 course, "AirlineOnline Simulation Training" is planned to be implemented at Yeditepe University's International Logistics and Transportation Department and other departments.