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The SectorIN 2017 event, organized by the Yeditepe University International Trade Club, took place on November 1, 2017.

Mr. Onur Şekerlisoy (CEO of Şekerlisoy Holding), Mr. Zafer Terzioğlu (General Manager of Borusan Manheim) and Mr. Hacı Bayram Başaran (General Manager of QT Real Estate) delivered the keynote speeches of the event in three sessions and shared their knowledge and experiences, regarding the sectors in which their companies operate, with our students and academic staff.

Session 1: Zafer Terzioğlu (General Manager, Borusan Manheim)

Session 2: Hacı Bayram Başaran (General Manager, QT Real Estate)

Session 3: Onur Şekerlisoy (CEO, Şekerlisoy Holding)

Yeditepe University International Trade Club