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Our Mission

The Department of Information Systems and Technologies, with its interdisciplinary and information-focused structure, aims to provide the necessary education for skilled and versatile professionals who can successfully work in the complex business environments of our age; can integrate into the national and international business sectors; can effectively use the contemporary applications of information technologies and computing devices; can follow the latest developments in their sectors and apply new methods into business processes; are educated in computer science and management; and have the necessary knowledge and skills for programming and using information systems, software development and programming, web design and development of internet applications, network applications and administration, and the design and administration of enterprise systems and database systems. The Department's goal is to provide its students with up-to-date theoretical information and to create the opportunities in which the students can apply their knowledge; thus enabling the upbringing of individuals who are skilled in making research and problem solving, are creative, objective, and capable of analytical thinking.

Our Vision

At the Department of Information Systems and Technologies, our vision is to educate IT specialists and computer programmers who can analyze the needs and requirements of organizations, and based on their strategic goals, can design and develop the most suitable information systems; also having the skills for assuming leadership roles during the design and development of these systems, and the skills for being an intermediary in the communication between managers and IT specialists. The Department also gives great importance to research and development activities in information technologies, computer science and related fields.