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Dear Students,

The 2022 Spring Term of the 2021–2022 Academic Year will continue with the hybrid education model. In this regard;

  • As the method of instruction, in person and distance education will be used in combination with each other.
  • Our enclosed spaces have been evaluated in accordance with social distancing rules for educational activities and classroom plans have been made for in person and distance learning groups.
  • Weekends have been included to the planning of face-to-face use of campus facilities and daily periods of use have been extended to 09:00–22:00.
  • As a principle, it has been decided that the planning of each student’s participation into courses whether in person or online will continue to be planned centrally.
  • Applied courses (laboratory courses, applications, projects, workshops, student support sections, etc.) will be held in person.
  • For theoretical courses, students have been divided into two groups, according to their student numbers ending with an even or odd number, in their registered courses. Which student will attend which course is shown in the table below:

  • HUM, TKL, HTR courses will be planned on Saturdays, between 09:00–11:00, 11:00–13:00, 14:00–16:00, 16:00–18:00. In case there is a need, courses can be planned online for weekdays between 20:00–22:00 and a different application may be possible with the Rectorate’s permission.
  • Foreign Languages Prep School courses will continue as it has been conducted in the Fall Term of the 2021–2022 Academic Year, in person on certain days and online on certain days. Details will be shared by our Prep School programs.
  • Testing and assessment will take place in person.
  • Rules to be followed during in person courses for your safety are as follows:
    • Masks should be kept on during the classes and at the campus.
    • During in person courses, no food or drinks should be consumed during the classes except water.
    • Social distancing rules must be maintained during in person courses.
    • Students are not allowed to change their in person or online weeks, except for extraordinary circumstances.
    • HES code queries will be conducted on a daily basis.
    • Vaccination of our students are deemed important for the in person education to continue.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, all our enclosed spaces, educational areas, social facilities, residence halls and shuttles have been at your service with all the possible precautions, and our campus has also been awarded a “Safe Campus Certificate” by the Turkish Institute of Standardization. All necessary precautions will continue to be taken.

We wish everyone a healthy and successful term.

Yeditepe University Rectorate